Health facilities get 50% instant rebate under the CARES Act that provides funding for supplies in prevention response efforts.

UVCBOX Gun.png

Point and shoot. Disinfect any surface in 2 seconds.

$2,999 I $48/m

UVCBOX Cube.png

Disinfect anything that fits inside in 1 minute.

$3,999 I $83/m


Disinfect any room and all its surfaces in 5 minutes.

$2,799 I $40/m

UVCBOX Air (4) - Copy.png

Disinfect the air from dangerous viruses.

$2,199 I $54/m


into your existing HVAC

HVAC Image (21).png

Enables your current HVAC to kill all viruses.

$2,499 I $51/m

Easy to Use Products

Plug and play. No long manuals. No certifications required.

True deep disinfection of air and surfaces. Great for schools, day cares, hotels, spas, beauty salons, bars, offices, gyms, retail, shops, warehouses, restaurants and health facilities. For more info on our new and improved self driving, self cleaning robot, click here.

In USA 1.7 million people a year go to the hospital and get an infection white there; 44,000 - 98,000 of them die from these infections. Hospitals that use UVC are dropping these infection rates up to 100%.


4 pro plus.png

UVCBOX 4 Pro+ is designed to disinfect your phone as well as all small personal items including keys, wallet, watch, headphones, jewelry, credit cards and anything else that fits. It is super easy to use, simply place the item into the UVCBOX, push a button and UVC light will disinfect it in just 4 minutes.