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ACOG - UVC Light Pro Plus

UVCBOX Light Pro Plus is a portable room sterilizer that uses UVC light to automatically disinfect surfaces and air. Disinfect rooms between patients in just five minutes. Number one patient rated method for disinfecting. Hospitals that use UVC Light are dropping HAI rates by up to 35%. CDC tested against COVID-19. 

ACOG - UVC Light Pro Plus

$2,798.00 Regular Price
$1,399.00Sale Price

    Lamp: 80W

    Weight: 1KG

    Voltage: 110V

    Tripod: Included

    Remote: Included

    Adjustable Tripod: 6 Feet

    Germicidal Wavelength: 253.7

    Coverage Area: 1,200 Square feet

    Sensors: 3D Microwave 360 Degrees

    Life Span: 9,000 Hours or 180,000 cycles

    Lamp Dimension: 42CM Tall 9.5CM Diameter

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