UVC was Successfully Tested to Kill COVID-19 

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) successfully tested UVC against COVID-19. 


N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator (FFRs) were safely and completely disinfected by UVC light.


April 2020


COVID-19 caused a serious shortage of masks which are meant to be disposed after use. UVC allows healthcare facilities to use masks beyond the manufacturer-designated shelf life. Now you can prolong the life of your masks. UVC light can also safely disinfect air and any type of surface.


UVC is being used in hospitals, banks, airports, businesses, public transportation and many other high traffic places to stop the spread of COVID-19.


UVC's effect on germs has been very well researched for over 200 years by the US government, NASA, CDC, military and many universities like Harvard School of Medicine. Health facilities have been using UVC for over 50 years. To learn more about what UVC is and how it works, click here.

One person can spread a virus in minutes. Viruses can live on surfaces for days. Hospitals have used UVC to disinfect their facilities for over 50 years.

This experiment shows how fast germs spread at a buffet. Paint is applied to the hands of one person who has dinner with a  group of ten people. In 30 minutes the paint had transferred to every individual and was on the faces of three people. One infected person can have a devastating impact to your business. UVCBOX Light disinfects a room in five minutes including air and all of the surfaces, hard or soft.

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Portable room sterilizer that automatically disinfects all surfaces and air in minutes. Disinfect 100 square feet in 5 minutes. Lightweight, safe and easy to use.

One cough spreads 100,000 droplets. A virus can travel on air currents to areas the infected person has not visited. Hospitals use UVC to disinfect air.

Businesses are expected to ensure that people maintain physical distance of two meters but as you can see from the video it is simply not enough to prevent a virus like COVID-19 from spreading. The best way to protect yourself is by disinfecting the air that everyone shares with UVCBOX Air which keeps you safe in 'real time'.

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Portable air sterilizer that disinfects the air in 'real time'. Most air purifiers use HEPA filters that catch particles 300nm or larger making them ineffective at capturing coronavirus which has a molecular size of 120-160nm. UVC light kills viruses of all sizes.


HVAC is a system that moves air in your building. If a person with a virus breathes in one room that virus can travel to other rooms, infecting you hours or even days later. UVC light installed in your HVAC disinfects the air before it recirculates back into the building.

Protect yourself. HVAC can recirculate viruses in your building. Adding UVC to your HVAC will disinfect air from viruses such as COVID-19, flu, cold, ect.


The outside air and the air returning from the building contain VOC's, mold spores, viruses, bacteria and many other pollutants.

Filters trap particles 300nm or larger making them ineffective against tiny particles. UVC light kills all particle sizes including coronavirus which has a molecular size of 120nm - 160nm, the flu which is 80nm - 120nm and the common which is cold 30nm. Dangerous viruses and spores get trapped inside filters reproduce until they become airborne. UVC does not trap particles, instead it kills them, making the air safe to breathe.

Without UVC light, contaminated air is recirculated back in to the building. UVC kills all pathogens making the air safe.


into your existing HVAC

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A light that is installed inside your existing HVAC system. It is designed to eliminate dangerous viruses and pathogens that are too small for traditional HVAC filters to capture.

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If it Fits it Disinfects

Sending out personal protective equipment such as face masks for disinfection becomes expensive over time. Now you can do it from the comfort of your office, saving time and money. Disinfect cloth and paper surfaces that you cannot use traditional cleaning sprays on. Use on anything in the waiting room that people touch.

Electronics  I  Napkin Boxes  Client Forms  I  Magazines


Disinfect Without Toxic Chemical Cleaners

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Lightweight and easy to use weapon against germs, bacteria and viruses. It is a chemical free way to disinfect anything in seconds. 

UVCBOX Products are Safe and Do Not Produce Ozone Cleaners are Toxic

Over the last 30 years many studies have proven that exposure to toxic chemicals we encounter in daily cleaners plays a big role in the rise of serious health problems. One in three women and one in two men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Chemicals found in cleaners​ such as phthaletes, parabens, triclosan and many others are carcinogens that cause cancer. Inhalation and skin contact are two of the most common ways our body absorbs chemicals from cleaning products. Chemicals you use to clean your business may be very harmful to your health, the health of your coworkers and customers. With the rise in demand for cleaners, the market has been flooded with even more toxic chemicals that have harmful consequences. Chemical cleaners are also corrosive and over time damage your surfaces.

UVCBOX uses a powerful ultraviolet light to kill all germs, bacteria and viruses. There are no chemicals, no odors, no liquids and no heat. No ozone is produced making it safe and environmentally friendly. UVC was first used to disinfect surfaces in 1877, for water in 1910 and for air in 1935. Over the last century UVC has become widely adopted in healthcare. UVC's effect on germs has been very well researched for over 100 years by the US government, CDC, NASA, military and many universities such as Harvard School of Medicine. Stay safe with UVCBOX.

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2 Million Years Ago

Discovery of fire.

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200 Years Ago

Downes and Blunt discovered antibacterial effects of sunlight. To learn more about what UVC is and how it works, click here.

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2020 Today

UVXBOX built on 200 years and millions of dollars of research to help the world fight COVID-19 and other viruses. View Products