Five business products that will help protect you, your customers and staff. CDC tested. Disinfect from COVID-19, flu and all other viruses chemical free.

UVCBOX uses UVC light to kill germs, bacteria and viruses. Chemical cleaners are toxic.


Gun disinfects any surface in 2 seconds.

Cube disinfects any object in 1 minute.

Light disinfects a full room in 5 minutes.

Air disinfects a 1,200 square foot room.

HVAC disinfects air inside your building.


Clinics and some businesses qualify for  a 75% rebate with CARES Act that provides funding for supplies in prevention response efforts.

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Meet CDC Guidelines

To stop the spread of COVID-19 CDC expects your business to meet previously unimagined standard of cleanliness. Inspectors will give warnings, fines and may even shut you down for infractions. UVCBOX will ensure you meet these regulations. UVC is approved by CDC.

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Save Money

New regulations require you to spend a lot more money on cleaning supplies and labor. UVCBOX Light reduces these costs, costing only 5 cents to disinfect 200 square feet and 25 cents to disinfect 1,000 square feet per disinfection cycle. Save thousands of dollars.

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Save Time

The more time your coworkers spend cleaning the less time they have for other things. UVCBOX Light allows your staff to clean more quickly and more effectively. Sterilize a full room and all of its surfaces in just five minutes without any manual labor.

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Business Recovery is Expected to Take up to 18 Months

Many economists, including the Federal Reserve chair, Jerome Powell, predict that a full recovery is not possible until 2021, if not later. Given that COVID-19 will likely be with us for some time and another new virus may catch us off guard in the future, it is worth investing into extra safety measures that will give you, your customers, clients, coworkers and visitors the confidence they need to come back. People wear masks and social distance because COVID-19 is airborne. UVCBOX will disinfect the air and surfaces in your business. When people see Safe Zone Certificate in your business they feel safe knowing that the air they share with others is clean.

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Protect Customers and Coworkers

Businesses are expected to ensure that people maintain a physical distance of two meters but as you can see from the video it is simply not enough to prevent coronavirus from spreading. The best way to protect your customers and coworkers is by sterilizing the air that everyone shares with UVCBOX Air and UVCBOX HVAC.

Stand Apart from Your Competition

Your competitors are doing the same things that you are, disinfecting surfaces and enforcing physical distancing between customers and coworkers, but now you can do much more. By using UVCBOX HVAC and placing a UVCBOX Air  in your waiting room or shared space you give your customers the feeling of safety they are looking for.

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UVC Stops the Spread of Viruses the way Partitions and Regular HVAC Can't

​​Alto University did a study that showed how coronavirus spreads. In the model used by the researchers, the test subject coughs in an aisle between the shelves in a supermarket, which has a typical in-store ventilation system. The data showed that tiny airborne particles, emitted by coughing, sneezing, speaking or even just breathing, spread in an invisible cloud. These particles stay airborne and instantly spread over shelves into areas the person has not even visited. This demonstrates that partitions are unable to contain small particles from spreading. UVCBOX Air disinfects the air in 'real time' at the source where the germs originate. UVCBOX HVAC is a simple addition to your existing HVAC. Viruses can live outside of a host for days and the particles are too small to be captured by HVAC filters. When these viruses make it into your HVAC they pass right through, recirculating back into the air you breathe. UVC light enables HVAC to kill viruses that pass through it.


UVC Kills Coronavirus in Real Time

As people speak and breathe, UVCBOX Air sucks the air into a sealed chamber where UVC light kills all dangerous pathogens including coronavirus. UVCBOX Air disinfects 1,200 square feet, making it great for personal offices, shared spaces, examination and waiting rooms. UVCBOX Air along side  UVCBOXHVAC provide your workplace with safe air for everyone.

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UVC Light Disinfects the Air You Share

A quiet fan sucks in air. UVC light kills coronavirus.

UVC Kills Viruses Air Purifiers Can't

UVC light kills all viruses including coronavirus which has a molecular size of 120nm-160nm, the flu which is 80nm-120nm and the common cold which is 30nm. Most air purifiers use filters which can only catch particles 300nm or larger making them ineffective. Air purifiers capture particles while UVC kills them making UVCBOX Air and HVAC more effective air solutions against airborne viruses.

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120 nm - 160 nm

Influenza (Flu)

80 nm - 120 nm

Rhinovirus (Cold)

30 nm

A Virus Can Spread Quickly in Your Business from Just 1 Infected Person 

This experiment shows how fast germs spread at a buffet. Fluorescent paint is applied to the hands of 1 person who has dinner with 10 people. In 30 minutes the paint had transferred to every individual and was on the faces of 3. One infected person can have a devastating impact to your business. UVCBOX Light disinfects a full room in just five minutes including the air and all of the surfaces, hard or soft.


UVC Cleans Everything People Miss

Just because it looks clean doesn't mean it is. A study showed that the best housekeepers miss a little over half of the surfaces. Normally we accept it as human error but coronavirus can live on surfaces for days making it very important to disinfect properly. UVCBOX Light gets in all the nooks and crannies people miss, it disinfects a full room without labor automatically and effectively.

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UVC is More Effective Than Cleaners

Cleaners may not be as effective as you think. To properly disinfect surfaces and kill dangerous viruses you need to leave surfaces visibly wet for several minutes. Some drug resistant viruses have also developed a resistance to cleaners and disinfectants. UVC kills all viruses even the ones resistant to drugs and cleaners. Cleaners only clean surfaces, UVCBOX Light disinfects both surfaces and air.

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UVC is Safe - Cleaners are Corrosive to Surfaces, Toxic and Carcinogenic

Over the last 30 years many studies have proven that exposure to toxic chemicals we encounter in daily cleaners plays a big role in the rise of serious health problems. One in three women and one in two men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Chemicals found in cleaners​ such as phthaletes, parabens, triclosan and many others are carcinogens which cause cancer. Inhalation and skin contact are two of the most common ways our body absorbs chemicals from cleaning products. Chemicals you use to clean your business are very harmful to your health, the health of your employees and customers. With the rise in demand for cleaners the market has been flooded with even more toxic chemicals that have harmful consequences. Chemical cleaners are also corrosive and over time damage surfaces.

UVCBOX uses a powerful ultraviolet light to kill all germs, bacteria and viruses. There are no chemicals, no fumes, no liquids and no heat. No ozone is produced making it safe and environmentally friendly. UVC was first used to disinfect surfaces in 1877, for water in 1910 and for air in 1935. Over the last century UVC has become widely adopted in healthcare. UVC's effect on germs has been very well researched for over 100 years by the US government, CDC, NASA, military and many universities such as Harvard School of Medicine. Stay safe with UVCBOX.

Number of industrial chemicals used in household items:

Number that have been tested by the FDA:

Number regulated by the FDA:

Last time federal chemical law was updated: 





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Harvard University: UVC Light Disinfects Air from Coronavirus

Another significant use of UV light is air disinfection because a wide variety of fungal, bacterial, and viral pathogens may be transmitted by airborne droplets as e.g., Mycobacterium tuberculosis, influenza viruses, SARS, corona virus, Aspergillus spp., and Legionella spp. UV has successfully reduced the concentration of airborne microorganisms in operating rooms during surgery.


CDC Tested and Recommended UVC Against COVID-19

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), vaporous hydrogen peroxide (VHP), and moist heat showed the most promise as potential methods to decontaminate FFRs. Therefore, researchers, decontamination companies, healthcare systems, or individual hospitals should focus current efforts on these technologies. 

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Easy to Use Products

Plug and play. No long manuals. No certifications required.

UVCBOX Gun.png

Point and shoot. Disinfect any surface in 2 seconds.

UVCBOX Cube.png

Disinfect anything that fits in 1 minute.


Disinfect any room and all its surfaces in 5 minutes.

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Disinfect the air from dangerous viruses.


into your existing HVAC

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Enables your current HVAC to kill all viruses.

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