Clinics and some businesses qualify for  a rebate with the CARES Act that provides funding for supplies in prevention response efforts.



UVCBOX Air is specially designed to eliminate dangerous viruses and pathogens that are too small for traditional air purifiers to capture. Air purifiers are not capable of removing small particles from the air such as coronavirus, influenza (flu) or rhinovirus (cold).

Most air purifiers use filters, the problem is the filters themselves. Filters remove particles from the air such as dust, mold, pollen, dander and even some viruses but most dangerous virus particles are too small to be captured by filters. "Your typical HEPA filter is not going to be able to remove coronavirus from the air," said Dr. Erin Sorrell (Ph.D., M.Sc.), assistant professor of microbiology at Georgetown University. "The filter itself is .3 microns and the virus itself is roughly .1 microns." (.1Micron = 100 Nano-Meters)


In hospitals, the spread of airborne pathogens is prevented by disinfecting the air with UVC. Hospitals implemented the first overhead UVC system in 1936. Today, hospitals use UVC to sterilize operating rooms and disinfect the air. Just like hospitals, UVCBOX Air uses UVC to sterilize the air in your room 24 hours a day. UVCBOX Air is the best line of defense for your business. Great for your office, shared spaces, examination and waiting rooms. 

How it Works

UVCBOX Air disinfects the air by killing germs, bacteria and viruses. A quiet fan sucks air into a chamber where UVC lamps kill all pathogens. Simply turn it on and enjoy healthy air.


  • Protect yourself, your customers and your employees.

  • Make coworkers and customers feel safe.

  • UVC is environmentally friendly.

  • UVC is chemical-free.

  • UVC is safe.


Specifications Air Mini

  • Size: 40x25x20 cm

  • Weight: 7kg

  • Power Block: 120v / 60Hz

  • Ultraviolet Wavelength: 254.7nm

  • Coverage area: 250 Square feet

Specifications Air Pro (big unit)

  • Size: 77x40x30 cm

  • Weight: 18kg

  • Power Block: 120v / 60Hz

  • Ultraviolet Wavelength: 254.7nm

  • Coverage area: 1,200 Square feet

Clinics get an instant rebate with the CARES Act, click here.

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UVC Kills Coronavirus in Real Time

As people speak and breathe, UVCBOX Air sucks the air into a sealed chamber where UVC light kills all dangerous pathogens including coronavirus. UVCBOX Air disinfects 1,200 square feet, making it great for personal offices, shared spaces, examination and waiting rooms. UVCBOX Air provides your workplace with safe air for everyone.

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UVC Light Disinfects the Air You Share

A quiet fan sucks in air. UVC light kills coronavirus.

UVC Kills Viruses Air Purifiers Can't

UVC light kills all viruses including coronavirus which has a molecular size of 120nm-160nm, the flu which is 80nm-120nm and the common cold which is 30nm. Most air purifiers use filters which can only catch particles 300nm or larger making them ineffective. Air purifiers capture particles, however, UVC kills them making UVCBOX Air  the best air solution against airborne viruses.

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120 nm - 160 nm

Influenza (Flu)

80 nm - 120 nm

Rhinovirus (Cold)

30 nm

UVC Stops Coronavirus Spread Partitians and Indoor Ventilation Don't

​​Alto University did a study that showed how coronavirus spreads. In the model used by the researchers, the test subject coughs in an aisle between the shelves in a supermarket, which has a typical in-store ventilation system. The data showed that tiny airborne particles, emitted by coughing, sneezing, speaking or even just breathing, spread in an invisible cloud. These particles stay airborne and instantly spread over shelves to areas the person has not even visited. This study demonstrated that partitions don't stop small particles from spreading. UVCBOX Air disinfects air in a 1,200 square foot room in 'real time' at the source where germs originate.


Protect Customers and Coworkers

Businesses are expected to ensure that people maintain a physical distance of two meters but as you can see from the video it is simply not enough to prevent coronavirus from spreading. The best way to protect your customers and coworkers is by sterilizing the air that everyone shares with UVCBOX Air.

Stand Apart from Your Competition

Your competitors are doing the same things that you are, they are disinfecting surfaces and enforcing physical distancing between customers and coworkers, but now you can do much more. By placing a UVCBOX Air  in your waiting room or shared space you give your customers the feeling of safety they are looking for.

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Harvard University UVC Light Disinfects Air from Coronavirus

Another significant use of UV light is air disinfection because a wide variety of fungal, bacterial, and viral pathogens may be transmitted by airborne droplets as e.g., Mycobacterium tuberculosis, influenza viruses, SARS, corona virus, Aspergillus spp., and Legionella spp. UV has successfully reduced the concentration of airborne microorganisms in operating rooms during surgery.

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Q: How loud is UVCBox Air?

UVCBox Air operates with a whisper quite fan with a minimum noise of 32dB.

Q: How hot does the UVCBox Air get?

UVC lamps do not produce much heat - about the same as fluorescent lamps.

Q: Will UVCBox Air take care of mold?

Yes. UVC lamps kill up to 99.9% of mold and help prevent future mold growth.

Q: Is UVCBox Air safe for me, young children, pets?

Yes. UVCBox Air is a fully enclosed system meaning it is totally safe for everyone around. UVC light does not penetrate the casing of the UVCBox Air system and cannot harm you or your loved ones. No matter if they have 2 feet or 4, everyone and everything is safe…. Except for the viruses, germs and bacteria floating around that is.

Q: Should UVCBox Air lamps be cleaned?

Yes - depending on the surrounding environment, UVC lamps should be checked periodically (approximately every two weeks), and can be cleaned with a dry cotton cloth or paper towel. Wear rubber gloves and clean with alcohol only. This will also help maximize lamp life. Full cleaning instructions are included with each unit.

Q: How often do the lamps need to be replaced?

UVC lamps inside the UVCBox Air are good for approximately 9,000 hours (one year) of continuous 24/7/365 use, with only 10% decrease in output after 8500 hours. Replacement bulbs can be purchased for $99 CAD with Free Canada wide shipping.

Q: Can UVCBox Air be turned on and off continuously?

There are three common types of UVC lamps. UVCBox Air uses "Cold Cathode" lamps. They are instant-start, using a large cylindrical cathode instead of a coil filament, so lamps have a long life that is unaffected by frequency of starting producing no ozone.

The second type is "Slimline" lamps. They are also instant-start and are available in low-, high- and very high-ozone types. Their lamp life is governed by the electrode life and number of starts. Because of their high initial UVC emission, and good maintenance, Slimline UVC Lamps are well adapted for applications such as air cooling and heating systems, conveyor lines, water sterilization and other applications that require "around-the-clock" use and therefore do not need to be turned off.

Third is "Hot Cathode", or preheat/hot cathode, lamps which generally use standard, off-the-shelf fluorescent ballasts, providing advantages in economy and space. Preheat lamps have four electrical connections per lamp and require more wiring than instant-start lamps. Frequent starts/stops will reduce the lamp life of Hot Cathode lamps.

Q: Does UVCBox Air produce Ozone?

UVCBox Air produces Zero (0) Ozone. Ozone helps to "carry" the ultraviolet radiation in the air to where it normally cannot reach directly. Since the UVCBox Air is an enclosed system it does not need Ozone to function.

Q: What damage will the UVC lamps do to me?

Prolonged, direct exposure to UVC light can cause temporary skin redness and eye irritation, but does not cause skin cancer or cataracts. UVCBox Air is designed with safety in mind and, when properly used without modification; it does not allow exposure to ultraviolet irradiation and allow for safe operation and maintenance. In general if you are exposed to direct uvc light, it can burn the top surface of your skin. If your eyes are exposed, it would be similar to a "welder's flash", and your eyes can feel dry or gritty. At no time do UVC lamps cause any permanent damage. UVCBox is a fully enclosed system with no light escaping the system.

Q: Can UVC light penetrate surfaces or substances?

No - UVC sterilizes only what it comes in contact with. If you have a UVCBox Air room sterilizer, you can be confident all furniture and surfaces are completely safe. The casing of the UVCBox prevents any direct UVC light exposure.

Q: Why doesn't the government, or insurance companies, reimburse for UVCBox Air?

UVCl lamps were not placed on the Medicare list when the government requested it in the early 60s, because tuberculosis was not a major issue at that time.

Q: I have more questions?

We’re always here and happy to help! Simply email or give us a call at 1.844. 4 UVC BOX.



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I couldn’t be happier! Customers ask me all the time what this machine is and it’s such a great talking piece. I love it and I love telling people about it.


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Makes my coworkers and I feel much more comfortable in the current environment. It is great to have everything we can to protect us. I'm glad I found this air thing.


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We absolutely love this! Makes a huge difference in air quality and is a lot sturdier than I imagined being made out of aluminum. Amazing build quality and product.

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Clinics and some businesses can get a rebate with the CARES Act that provides funding for supplies in prevention response efforts, click here.

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