11 years ago, in 2009 we started with a simple idea, make the world a cleaner and healthier place.

To show you how we got so koalified let's go back to the beginning.

Before there was UVCBOX there was the sun. I know we traveled a bit far back in time but I did say we were going to the beginning. Bear with me, it will all make sense soon.


Back to what I was saying, since the beginning of time the sun has provided our world with light, heat and energy that created the ecosystem for the existence of koalaty life as we all know it. The sun emits three types of rays -- UVA, UVB, and UVC. UV light is deadly to germs and it is this balance in nature that has allowed humans to survive. UVC is the strongest and most effective at killing germs. We recreated UVC products because of UVC's incredible anti microbial and anti bacterial properties. Skip to 1877...don't worry we are almost there, only

100 Years Left to Cover

History of Key Discoveries in the Germ Killing Power of UVC Light


Downes & Blunt discovered the antibacterial effects of sunlight.


Niels Finsen wins Nobel Prize in Medicine for using UV light to fight tuberculosis.


Hospitals implemented the first overhead UV system.


Military adopted UV for protection of soldiers in Army & Navy.


Studies continue to prove the effectiveness of UVC in many applications.


UVCBOX started in medical sterilization then expanded into home and business sterilizing products.


UVCBOX started by importing and manufacturing UV components for cleaning medical equipment

Over the past decade we brought to market new UV LED printing technologies, UV photoelectron applications in digital print, electronics and film coating.

Our company grew to include intaglio printing, flexographic printing and new technology for 3D Printing with UV curing.

Our facilities use the most technologically advanced equipment to manufacture the highest quality components.

Expanding research and development we moved into the global market. Today UVCBOX can be found across the world in the UK, USA, Canada and Germany.

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Disinfect Air

Disinfect Objects

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We worked dam hard to make UVCBOX the best.

UVC disinfects against COVID-19. UVCBOX products are specifically designed to disinfect air, surfaces and objects. View Our Products

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