Clinics and some businesses qualify for  a rebate with the CARES Act that provides funding for supplies in prevention response efforts.


UVCBOX 4 Pro+ (S2) cleans your phone by killing bacteria, germs and viruses that other cleaners, sanitizers and alcohol wipes can't. It's super easy to use. Simply place your phone into the UVCBOX and let the UVC light sanitize your phone in just four minutes. Clean anything that fits, phone, wallet, keys, jewelry, headphones, etc.

Your phone is one of the dirtiest things you touch. It travels with you everywhere you go. Throughout the day you touch many things, doorknobs, hand rails, credit card machines and even the bacteria from people around you is passed to your phone. You wash your hands but you don't wash your phone so when you pick it up everything is transferred back to your hands. Viruses can live on surfaces like your phone for days. Scientists found that the average phone has eighteen times more bacteria than a public washroom.

Sanitizers and alcohol wipes remove the oleophobic coating used to protect your screen. Lab results show that wipes do not kill all of the bacteria found on your phone because they can't get into all the nooks and crannies the way UVC light can. The best way to clean your phone is by using UVCBOX 4 Pro+ S2

Due to extreme demand from COVID-19 there is a limit of 2 per household.

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​How Easily Germs Can Get On a Phone

This experiment shows how fast germs spread at a buffet. Fluorescent paint is applied to the hands of 1 person who has dinner with a group of 10 people. In 30 min the paint had transferred to every individual and was on the faces of 3. You bring your phone with you everywhere you go, everything you touch is transferred on to your phone.


Kills Covid-19, Flu, Cold etc.

UVC kills all viruses and bacteria by altering the structure and the molecular bonds of their DNA. UVC is the most effective way to sterilize which is why hospitals, doctors and laboratories use UVC to keep their facilities germ free.

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Kills All Viruses Bacteria and Germs Other Cleaners Can't

Hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes do not kill all the germs and bacteria because they can't get into all the nooks and crannies the way light can.

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Dirty Phone

After Alcohol


A Petri Dish in Your Pocket Germs and Viruses Thrive in Warm Places

Germs and viruses do best in warm dark climates. Your phone has a warm battery and when you put it in your pocket or bag it creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

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Phones have 18 TIMES MORE Germs than a Public Washroom

Your phone is one of the dirtiest things you touch! It travels with you everywhere you go. Throughout the day you touch many things, credit card machines, doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons etc. The bacteria that lives on everything you touch is passed from your hands to your phone.

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Viruses Can Stay on Hard Surfaces Like Your Phone for Up To 4 DAYS

You wash your hands but you don't wash your phone. When you pick it up everything is transferred back to your hands and anything else you touch like your face, food, or people you come in contact with. You are MORE LIKELY to get sick from your phone than you are from anything else you touch.

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Safe No Ozone Produced

UVCBOX 4 Pro+ uses UVC light to clean your phone. There are no liquids, no chemicals and no heat. It is safe for your phone and family. Environmentally friendly. Kid and pet safe.

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Fits All Phones

UVCBOX 4 Pro+ is big enough to fit the largest phones and cases. Including big models like iPhone 11 Pro+ and Google Pixel 3.

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Clean Anything That Fits

UVCBOX 4 Pro+ can sanitize more than just your phone. It can clean anything that fits such as house keys, car keys, headphones, sunglasses, wallets, jewelry, credit cards, money, etc.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied so we offer 30 day returns no questions asked.

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Two Year Warranty

Our Two Year warranty includes everything. We've got you covered!

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  • External Size: 203x127x43mm
  • Inside Size: 185x104x15mm
  • Power Block: USB Block
  • Wireless Fast Charging: 10W
  • Ultraviolet Wavelength: 253nm
  • Sterilization Time: 4 Minutes


UVC light kills all germs, bacteria and viruses. UVC alters the structure and the molecular bonds of micro-organism's RNA and DNA which is the “blueprint” they use to develop, function and reproduce. By destroying the organism’s ability to reproduce, it becomes harmless because it can't grow and spread. After UVC exposure, the organism dies leaving no offspring. Hospitals choose UVC to sterilize their facilities because UVC is the only method that kills drug resistant 'superbugs' that other cleaners can't kill. Now you can have UVC sterilizing power at home with UVCBOX. History of Key Discoveries in the Germ Killing Power of UVC Light UVC's effect on germs have been very well researched for over 200 years by the United States government, NASA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), military and many universities like Harvard School of Medicine. 1801 — Johann Ritter discovered ultraviolet light. 1877 — Downes and Blunt discovered the antibacterial effects of sunlight. They determined that shorter wavelengths of the solar spectrum were more effective at neutralizing bacteria. 1892 — Professor Marshall Ward determined that violet blue and ultraviolate portions of spectrum are biocidal. 1903 — Barnard and Morgan validated that the UV spectrum from 226nm to 328nm are germicidal. 1903 — Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for using UVC light to kill tuberculosis. 1904 — Lorch developed the first UV quartz lamp. 1906 — UV light was first used to disinfect drinking water. 1936 — Hospitals implemented the first overhead UV system. 1936 — First upper air disinfection units are installed in schools. 1940 — UVC light incorporated into air conditioning system. 1942 — Military installed UVC light in barracks for the protection of soldiers in Army and Navy. 1957 — Study conducted by Riley conclusively proved that UVC was effective for the control of tuberculosis. 2009 — UVCBOX began providing medical sterilization before expanding into home and workplace sterilization. UVC effects on germs have been extremely well researched for over 100 years. This includes millions of dollars in studies funded by the US government, military and many universities such as Harvard School of Medicine. Today studies continue to prove the effectiveness of UV and violate blue light in multiple applications including operating rooms. Now you can have the power of UVC at home with UVCBOX. Why use UVC?

  1. UVC kills bacteria, germs and viruses other cleaners can't. UVC is the most effective way to sterilize which is why hospitals, doctors and labs choose UVC.
  2. UVC is environmentally-friendly.
  3. UVC is chemical-free.
  4. UVC is safe.
How UVCBOX works? UVCBOXhas a powerful ultraviolet light inside that kills germs and bacteria. It's super easy to use. Simply place your phone into the UVCBOX and let the UVC light sanitize your phone. UVCBOX is great for more than just your phone; watch, wallet, keys, glasses, headphones and anything else that fits. It's also safe to share with your family and friends.


UVCBOX helps keep you and the people you love healthier. It's safe and easy to share. UVCBOX is a simple solution that will keep harmful bacteria from spreading from your phone to you and from you to others. If you live with anyone who may have a compromised immune system; young children, elderly or ill individuals — get UVCBOX.


Q: Can I hear notifications when my phone is inside UVCBOX?
Yes. You can hear all of your notifications while your phone is being sanitized.
Q: Can I leave my phone in its case while using UVCBOX?
Yes. UVCBOX was designed to fit your phone with the case on. Keep your phone case on your phone while it is being sanitized because most of the bacteria on your hands is passed to our phone cases. UVCBOX surrounds your phone with UVC light and is able to penetrate all the nooks and crannies. You've heard of the saying "where the sun don't shine" well unfortunately for the bacteria and viruses on your phone our light shines bright and reaches everywhere.
Q: Where do I get instructions for my UVCBOX?
UVCBOX comes with printed instructions regarding the use, storage and maintenance of your device. If you can't figure something out, have additional questions or just want to say "Hi" please contact us anytime and one of our friendly customer care representatives will be happy to help!
Q: Is it safe for me? Is it safe for my phone?
Yes, UVCBOX is completely safe for your phone. UVCBOX uses UV light, it doesn't use chemicals or water. UV light kills germs but doesn't harm you or your phone or personal products in any way. Anything you put inside the box is completely safe - except germs of coarse.
Q: Is UVCBOX big enough to fit my phone?
Yes. We have developed UVCbox with every phone in mind. From the largest smartphones that are starting to look like tablets to a durable flip phone.
Q: What else can I use UVCBOX to clean? Great question. Most small things you carry around with you on a daily basis could use a good cleaning. You can fit your headphones, keys, jewelry, wallet and even your credit cards inside. UVCBOX is safe and will never damage or harm any of your items. Q: Is it safe to use inside a hospital? UVCBOX is absolutely safe to use anywhere. While we sell models specifically for medical use inside hospitals, the main difference is the capacity and the amount of times per day those devices are used. We recommend to keep your UVCbox at home near the front door and place your phone inside to keep it clean.



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I got this as a gift and I must admit I had no idea my phone was so filthy. I absolutely love it. I got one for my mom and dad. This thing is awesome!


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Very easy to use. Fits my phone, wallet and keys. Better safe than sorry especially now. Would highly recommend to friends and family.


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I really like Uvcbox. I work construction so my hands get very dirty and its nice to know I have something to clean my phone with because I have young kids.